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It has never been easier to expand your B2B business globally. However, promoting your business to international markets online presents a unique challenge. It’s not just about achieving high rankings on international search results pages for keywords that foreign buyers use in their preferred search engines. You also need a profound comprehension of cultural variations in order to create distinct content for different regions that attracts visitors and generates conversions. Allow our International SEO Agency London professionals to develop a successful international SEO strategy that fulfills all the requirements and propels the growth of your global business.

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We Speak the Language (of Your Target Countries)

Maximizing conversions by converting more traffic into sales boils down to creating the appropriate content for your specific audience. Failing to use the right language or consider cultural nuances can result in alienating potential buyers. Trust Ples Marketing, the international SEO agency, to assist you in meeting the demands of both international search engines and audiences.


Achieve Rankings in Countries You Never Thought Possible

When expanding your B2B business involves crossing borders, Ples Marketing is the trusted SEO agency that can effectively establish your international presence. We will develop a tailored global SEO strategy to enhance your rankings on international search engines and extend your global reach. This way, you can position yourself as the preferred service provider for buyers.


We Are Ready to Tackle Your SEO Challenge

Optimizing multiple versions of your website while maintaining brand consistency is a challenging endeavor that many SEO agencies shy away from. However, we at Ples Marketing are different. We embrace such challenges and have established streamlined processes to ensure seamless optimization and content production across your regional microsites.

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Best Practices for International SEO Success

Every company is different, and at Ples Marketing as International SEO Agency London, we understand this. We do this by customizing our services to fit the unique requirements and objectives of your company. We use following techniques for international SEO services:

Research and Target the Right Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO strategy. When it comes to international SEO, it's important to research and target the right keywords for each target market. Start by identifying the specific keywords that your target audience in each country or region is likely to type when searching for products or services similar to yours. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush to find popular keywords with low competition.

Optimize Your Website for Multiple Languages

To effectively reach international audiences, it's essential to make your website multilingual. Translate your content into the languages spoken in your target markets, and ensure that the translations are accurate and culturally appropriate. Be sure to optimize each language version of your website with relevant keywords, meta tags, and URLs. Implement hreflang tags to signal to search engines that your website has multiple language versions available.

Localize Your Content

Localization goes beyond translation. It involves adapting your content to suit the cultural and linguistic nuances of your target markets. Research local customs and trends to create content that connects with your global audience.This includes using local idioms, references, and imagery that are specific to each region. By localizing your content, you will enhance user engagement and increase your chances of ranking higher in local search results.

Build High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks play a vital role in SEO, and this holds true for international SEO as well. Focus on building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in your target markets. Collaborate with local influencers, industry associations, and relevant directories to establish your authority and credibility in different countries. The more quality backlinks you have from international sources, the better your website's visibility and ranking will be in search engine results across the globe.

Monitor and Analyze Your Performance

Regularly monitoring and analyzing your international SEO efforts is crucial for measuring success and identifying areas for improvement. Utilize tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEMrush to track your website's performance in different countries. Examine important data like traffic, rankings, bounce rates, and conversions. By gaining insights into your performance, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your international SEO strategy accordingly.

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Why Choose US for international seo?

Achieving success in international markets requires a comprehensive and strategic approach to search engine optimization (SEO). This is where Ples Marketing comes into play. As a leading International SEO Agency London, we have the expertise and experience to help your business outrank competitors and maximize your online visibility. Let us delve into the reasons why choosing Ples Marketing for international SEO is a game-changing decision.

Ples Marketing International SEO Consultants Optimize Websites for Multiple Countries

  • Our team of SEO consultants specializing in international markets possesses the expertise to optimize your website and ensure its reach extends to multiple countries.
  • We ensure that your website is fully optimized to perform effectively on foreign search engines such as Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Bing, Yahoo!, and the various non-U.S. domains under Google’s operation.

Ples Marketing’s Dedicated SEO Consultants Provide Actionable Strategies and Recommendations

  • Our team of dedicated and enthusiastic SEO consultants is committed to developing actionable SEO strategies specifically tailored to your website. We understand the importance of implementing effective search engine optimization techniques to enhance your online presence.
  • We provide you with accurate and targeted recommendations to effectively achieve your goals. Our team of experts analyzes your unique requirements and provides you with tailored suggestions that align with your objectives.
Ples Marketing’s Reputation and Expertise Generate Website Traffic
  • The staff at Ples Marketing has established a strong reputation for success in the global market. Through their expertise and dedication, they have consistently achieved outstanding results for clients worldwide.
  • We are here to assist you in generating the right traffic for your website, tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our International SEO Agency London team understands that each business has unique requirements, and we take the time to analyze and strategize accordingly.

Drive Organic Growth with Expert SEO Services

Experience long-term success with our sustainable SEO services. We focus on white-hat techniques and best practices that ensure your website’s visibility and rankings for the long haul.

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Local SEO

Boost your local online visibility and attract more customers with effective Local SEO strategies. Dominate your local market today!


Technical SEO

Unlock the power of Technical SEO to improve your website's crawlability, indexability, and overall search visibility.

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WordPress SEO

Unleash the power of WordPress SEO to enhance your online presence and elevate your website's visibility and rankings.

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I loved working with Ples Marketing on my new website. They showed great results to me. I was not expecting fast results but they did awesome job and results were beyond my imagination. Highly recommended !

Simranjeet Kaur Business Owner

Munish and his team at Ples Marketing was amazing to work with. He has great attention to details and was very patient throughout the process. He showed really awesome results to us. I would highly recommend local search appeal for SEO needs.

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Trey D Saulter CEO

Awesome work done by Ples Marketing SEO team. They showed great results to me. I would like to work with in future too and would like to highly recommend also.

Mary Thomas SEO Consultant

Really happy with the results I got on my ppc campaigns. Very effective and affordable too. Keep it up Ples Marketing.

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International SEO Services FAQ

Local SEO focuses on optimizing a business's online presence to enhance its visibility in local searches and appeal to customers within a specific geographical area, typically within one country. Conversely, international SEO endeavors to reach a global audience and attract customers from diverse regions. The primary objective of local SEO is to create and optimize local online listings and citations, ensuring that local customers can easily locate the business. In contrast, international SEO involves more intricate tactics to target a wider audience and entice customers from various countries.

One of the factors that discourages business owners from investing in SEO is the time it takes to see tangible outcomes. Performance Media campaigns, such as Facebook and Google Ads, offer immediate gratification to businesses, but SEO requires a long-term perspective, which can be daunting. While SEO results can manifest in a matter of weeks, the reality is that it usually takes longer, typically around 4-6 months as a general guideline. International SEO, in particular, can be time-consuming as it involves aiming for higher rankings in multiple markets simultaneously.

However, it is important to note that once the traffic starts flowing in, you will quickly realize that the effort is well worth it. SEO traffic is among the highest quality traffic you can obtain in the realm of digital marketing. This is because SEO functions as a form of 'pull' marketing, where visitors come directly to you, in contrast to 'push' marketing. Once you establish solid SEO rankings, you can expect traffic and sales to flow on autopilot, creating a beautiful and consistent revenue stream for you and your business.

Determining the exact cost of SEO, including International SEO, is challenging due to numerous factors involved. Pricing depends on various aspects, such as your budget, goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), desired number of keywords to rank for, industry, and the level of competition in SEO. SEO agencies typically inquire about these factors to assess the appropriate charges.

For International SEO, investing a higher budget generally yields better results. More funds allow agencies to offer additional specialized services. Moreover, a higher budget often translates to targeting a greater number of keywords, as agencies often charge based on the quantity of desired keywords.

Certainly, International SEO for eCommerce is well within the realm of my capabilities. For eCommerce businesses, International SEO holds significant potential as one of the most impactful digital strategies. Since most eCommerce ventures cater to a global or specific set of countries, increased traffic to your eCommerce website directly translates to more sales and overall business growth. It's a straightforward equation!

Implementing International SEO for eCommerce can be a complex task. You would require either a competent in-house team or an agency well-versed in understanding the correlation between traffic and sales. It is crucial to target the appropriate keywords—those with relevant user intent that aren't excessively competitive to rank for. Additionally, your team should possess the expertise to convert visitors into customers once they arrive on your website.

With an effective International SEO campaign, you have the flexibility to target specific countries of your choice for expansion. A reputable agency will not randomly select countries but instead take a strategic approach. They will listen to your business model, comprehend your objectives, conduct competitor research, and devise a tailored SEO strategy that aligns with your company's key performance indicators (KPIs).

Whether your goal is to aggressively penetrate the Australian market or test the waters in the US and Canada, you have the freedom to target any desired location. The exciting part is that as you climb the rankings in one country, you also increase the likelihood of improving rankings in other countries. This is one of the many advantages of SEO. By optimizing your website and catering to search engines, you can attract high-quality traffic from various search engines worldwide.

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